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Career & Major Exploration

The all-too-common question, "What's your major?" is stress-inducing for many, but it doesn't have to be. Take comfort in the fact that most people change their major more than once. In fact, starting off as "undeclared" can have its advantages. There's a multitude of resources, assessments, and inventories to choose from that can help a student discover possible good-fit majors and careers. The results are enlightening and fun to explore!

College List

When building a college list, it's important to have balance. Many factors come into play when deciding which colleges to pursue . Every college on a student's list should reflect why it's a good fit.

Demonstrated Interest

College admissions representatives wade through thousands of applications submitted by highly qualified candidates every year. Understanding demonstrated interest and using it effectively can be the very thing that moves an applicant into the acceptance pile.

Academic Advising

Throughout high school, not all academic paths are equal. The selection of courses should be constructed in a way that supports the academic goals of each individual student. It's also important to understand the significance of what's known as academic rigor and the influence it has on admissions decisions.

Essay Writing

With a little bit of training and guidance, students can quickly develop the necessary skills to produce high-quality inspirational essays that stand out. There are certainly a few do's and don'ts to be aware of, but the best essays are written from the heart and with authenticity.

College Applications

There are several online college application platforms that allow students to compile their application information in one spot in order to make it easier to submit applications to multiple schools at once. Hundreds of colleges rely on these platforms as their primary conduit for receiving applications. The most commonly utilized ones are listed below.

  • The Common Application

  • The Coalition Application

  • The University of California Application

  • The California State Application


  • Scholarships

  • Grants

  • Loans

  • Merit Aid

When constructing a plan to pay for college, it's important to know your options and to implement a sound financial strategy. I offer advice, guidance, and direction toward valuable resources throughout this process. 

Comprehensive package includes:   

  • Administration and Interpretation of career, personality, and interest assessments

  • Direction with strategically building a list of potential good-fit colleges

  • Advice on which academic courses to take during high school

  • Guidance on how to write quality essays and personal statements

  • Coaching on effectively communicating “demonstrated interest” to top-choice colleges

  • Guidance and resources related to the ins and outs of obtaining necessary financial aid

  • Assistance with enhancing interview skills

  • Help with building an academic resume

  • Strategies on how and when to request recommendation letters

  • Advice on how to effectively use - or not use - ACT and SAT scores

  • Assistance with decision making when acceptance letters begin arriving

  • Access to six months of consulting advice by phone, email, or virtually following the start of the student’s freshman year of college.


  • Choose from the services above to target your individual goals and needs on an hourly basis.

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